Announcing BBS Revolution™

A next generation bladder scanner delivering the quadruple aim of healthcare…better outcomes, lower costs, happier patients and providers.

Breakthrough technology

dBMEDx is developing breakthrough, real-time clinical decision and patient monitoring devices using our patented, non-invasive scanning technology.


These devices combine the power and safety of ultrasound with sophisticated image processing electronics and software to provide simple, fully automated and completely noninvasive diagnostic measurements.



The BBS Revolution™ device is an automated bladder volume measurement device. This device, which is an essential component of a comprehensive CAUTI (catheter associated urinary tract infection) prevention program, provides the following advantages:

  • Rapid, accurate bladder volume measurement
  • Wireless, lightweight probe
  • Minimal user training, built-in instructions
  • No aiming required
  • No annual calibration

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With the BBS Revolution™ device it takes just one quick scan to get an accurate, reliable volume measurement.