A next generation bladder scanner delivering the quadruple aim of healthcare…better outcomes, lower costs, happier patients, happier providers.



BBS Revolution™ is the world’s first truly automatic bladder scanner.

Designed specifically for busy healthcare teams adhering to best demonstrated practices for CAUTI (catheter acquired urinary tract infection) prevention.

Effective CAUTI Prevention Programs employ strict criteria to reduce indwelling catheter usage that rely heavily on objectively monitoring bladder volume using ultrasound based bladder scanners.

Our proprietary technology combines the power and safety of ultrasound with sophisticated image processing electronics and software to provide a simple, fully automated and completely noninvasive diagnostic volume measurement.

The BBS Revolution™  advantages:
Eliminates gender/anatomy setup
• Eight transducers provide 180° field of view and automatically locates bladder. No aiming required!
• Provides a rapid (3 second) and accurate bladder volume
• Reduces patient discomfort via probe design and quick results
• Wireless probe simplifies disinfection
• Elegantly simple design minimizes user training
• Improves accuracy and uptime with self-calibration feature
• Supports front line nurses and infection control protocols
• No annual maintenance or calibration required

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BBS Revolution Demonstration Video

With the BBS Revolution™ device it takes just one quick scan to get an accurate, reliable volume measurement.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Apply ultrasound gel to the patient
2. Position the scanner on the patient and apply pressure
3. Press the button to take a reading