2016 Prime Health Challenge Awards $150,000 to Top Health Innovation Companies

 Littleton, CO and Seattle, WA – October 31, 2016

dBMEDx, Inc., a privately-held, wireless medical device company, was awarded first place in the Prime Health Challenge for its BBS Revolution, a device that scans a person’s bladder to determine volume.

By Prime Health News

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About dBMEDx, Inc.

dBMEDx is a medical device company that is developing novel, automated scanning devices for a wide range of medical applications. The company has developed the world’s smallest, wireless 3D ultrasound scan engine with integrated image analysis capability. This device architecture overcomes many of the limitations of traditional imaging technology to create devices that can be used with very little training by any medical professional. The patented dBMEDx architecture automatically collects and analyzes the image data and wirelessly presents the user with a numeric result, bringing the power and safety of ultrasound-based diagnosis to all medical professionals. For additional information, please visit http://www.dBMEDx.com.

dBMEDx Contact:

David Shine CEO