dBMEDx™ Announces Supply Agreement with Direct Supply®

Littleton, CO – September 25, 2017

dBMEDx, Inc., a privately-held, wireless medical device company, announced today that it has entered into a definitive supply agreement with Direct Supply®, the nation’s leading provider of equipment for the Senior Living market. Under the agreement, dBMEDx will integrate their proprietary bladder scanning technology into a new Direct Supply® device to create the first wireless bladder scanner optimized for use in long term care settings.

dBMEDx has developed and patented a novel, wireless scan engine that provides an unparalleled level of automation for measuring bladder volume. The dBMEDx BBS RevolutionTM bladder scanner is a next generation scanner that offers nurses a simple and fully automated bladder volume measurement solution to help them reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections, one of the most common healthcare infections. The BBS RevolutionTM is FDA cleared and CE marked and is commercially available in both the US and Europe.

“We are excited to work with Direct Supply® to create a bladder scanner that is optimized for the long-term care market,” said David Shine, CEO of dBMEDx. “Urinary tract infections are a significant problem for senior care and better tools are needed. Combining our advanced technology with Direct Supply’s® market access and industry leading customer service is a powerful way to address this need and improve the quality of care.”

About dBMEDx

dBMEDx is a privately held, growth stage, wireless medical device company focused on products to reduce healthcare acquired infections. The company has developed novel, automated scanning technology with a wide range of medical applications. The first commercial product with this technology is the BBS RevolutionTM bladder scanner, the first fully automatic bladder scanner, which was developed by the engineers who designed the original bladder scanning technology. The BBS RevolutionTM is manufactured in the USA and currently being sold in the US and Europe. For additional information, please visit http://www.dBMEDx.com.


dBMEDx Contact:
David Shine – CEO

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