dBMEDx Selected to RESI Innovation Showcase

Littleton, CO and Seattle, WA – December 23, 2015

dBMEDx, Inc., a privately-held, wireless medical device company, announced today that it was selected for the RESI Innovation Challenge at the RESI conference in San Francisco on January 12. dBMEDx will be presenting the BBS Revolution™, a next generation bladder scanner which offers, for the first time, fully automated bladder detection and unparalleled ease of use, speed and accuracy for the non-invasive measurement of bladder volume. This product is FDA cleared and is currently being sold to hospitals and urology offices in the US.

In addition, dBMEDx will be presenting a number of additional devices that are based upon the company’s proprietary, patented, non-invasive 3D scanning technology. The company has created and patented technology that is capable of viewing and automatically measuring internal structures in the body and is developing products based upon this technology for diagnosis and triage in the setting of trauma, sepsis, traumatic brain injury and solid tumors.

“The market response to the BBS Revolution™ has been tremendous,” said David Shine, CEO of dBMEDx,”and has been particularly well received by hospitals working to avoid Medicare penalties for hospital acquired conditions. Hospitals are looking for better, more effective tools to fight catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) and the BBS Revolution™ uniquely answers that need with unparalleled ease of use and accuracy.”

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About dBMEDx, Inc.

dBMEDx is a medical device company that is developing novel, automated scanning devices for a wide range of medical applications. The company has developed the world’s smallest, wireless 3D ultrasound scan engine with integrated image analysis capability. This device architecture overcomes many of the limitations of traditional imaging technology to create devices that can be used with very little training by any medical professional. The patented dBMEDx architecture automatically collects and analyzes the image data and wirelessly presents the user with a numeric result, bringing the power and safety of ultrasound-based diagnosis to all medical professionals. For additional information, please visit http://www.dBMEDx.com.


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Margaret Jackson

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David Shine CEO

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