dBMEDx Core Technology

The technology at the heart of every dBMEDx device is our patented, compact, low-cost 3D scan head design.


Next Generation Technology = Less Technique Dependent

  • Automatically locates bladder without aiming
  • Automatically detects male/female anatomy
  • Provides results you can trust
  • Wireless design simplifies decontamination protocols
  • No annual calibration required
 Transducer Type  Single Element  Eight Element
 Scan Style  Sector  Rotational
 Data Set  3D  3D
 Scan Angle  120°  180°
 Accuracy ± (15% + 15ml) ± (12.5% + 12.5ml)
 Battery Life  30 scans  60 scans


The patented (US #8,206,307), 3D scan head design places an array of transducers onto a spinning core that supports the electronics subsystem, battery, wireless radio and motor. As a result, the palm-sized device houses the entire ultrasound machine including image processor, power supply and wireless interface – a remarkable miniaturization effort.

This architecture allows the scan head to collect multiple b-mode slices resulting in a true 3D data set. It is this 3D data set that is the key to enabling the automated calculation of the volume of the bladder. It is the same game-changing, rugged design that is the key to our automated self-calibrating methodology.